Hotel / Restaurant Revenue & Collections are highly susceptible to frauds, Mis-use due to inherent risks, cash, the high number of turnover. Efficient hotel management practices usually involve a process to control the leakage of revenue & cash.

This course will equip students to learn process and reports to control the flow and prevent leakage in revenue transactions

In Hospitality Management, F&B and other general Cost is the second largest cost in hospitality apart from labour cost.

in this hotel management cost control course, you will learn the fundamental processes by which these costs can be controlled.

we will learn various

- PAR Setting process for general inventory

- How to Calculate kitchen food orders

Butcher Test / Yield Tests

- Bar Spot Checks

- Various other control aspects related to hotel cost controls

This course enable students to learn the fundamentals of hotel financial statements, how to analyze them and supporting reports to get beyond numbers in P&L. 

After completion of this course, you will be able to present and discuss about hotel's financial performance like a professional.